Independent Project Reflection

In our most recent unit in GOAL we researched and worked on our independent projects. For my project I researched the deep web. To present my project I used a tool called Prezi which is free and easy to use.
    Researching for this project was fun for me because there is a lot of controversial articles but also a lot of useful sources that are very informative. I had never really known a lot about the deep web before I did this project but I had heard about it before in T.V. shows and news articles.
    The hardest part of this project and for any project I do was presenting all of the information I had learned. I don't really know why I have such a problem with this but I do know that I take in so much information so quickly that I sometimes forget to sort it out and match it with all of the topics in my project.
    After doing this project I realize that I need to manage my time better. Within this improvement I need to make I need to spend more time trying to get a proje…

Shakespeare Unit

When Mrs. Edlin first said we were going to do a unit on Shakespeare I really didn't know much about the guy. I knew he was an important figure in the history of writing but now I understand more. Shakespeare was really a game-changer in the writing business because he made up so many new words that are now so commonly used that people don't even know he invented them. I now understand why Shakespeare is so important in history.
   I think it is important to still learn Shakespeare because he was innovative in the way people talk. He also wrote many plays that are still replicated in modern acting. The way Shakespeare wrote is so easily replicated with many different meanings that are still created today. I think Shakespeare really highly contributed to the framework that modern films are based off of.
   In The Taming Of the Shrew Kate was originally a wild character that did what she wanted to do.  As the story progressed I think she was still really wild but eventually …

2016-17 1st Blog Post

Here are some goals i'm going to set for this year. The first goal is to get no grades lower than a B. I also want to get my home work done on time. I also am going to get my assignment journal signed every week so I can go to adventureland. Getting my grades up is going to be important for me because I had really bad ones last year.  Getting my homework done is really going to help also with my grade. I have not really got my assignment journal signed consistently once during my years at the middle school.

Hannibal Field Trip Reflection

On Friday the 13th of May the 7th grade GOAL class went on a field trip to Hannibal, Missouri. On this field trip we learned about Mark Twain. On this field trip we went to Mark Twain's boyhood home and some of his friend's houses. Then we went to a few museums that displayed some things from the 1800's period in which Mark Twain lived. After that we went to the Mark Twain caves. Then we went back to the downtown area where the museums were and visited some of the nearby shops.
   The most educational part of the field trip was probably the museums and Mark Twain's boyhood home because there was a lot of information on the walls and near artifacts. I learned a lot from there like how the characters in his books were actually based off of real people that Mark interacted with daily.
   I think the most fun part of the trip was the caves even though I had been there before. I thought it was still fun because the second time around I really took in a lot more informati…

FMS Film Reflection

For a good part of this quarter in GOAL we have been making a FMS promotional video. My job for the video was editor, doing this job was very boring at first but it got fun and even challenging. A challenge I had was problems with I-Movie not saving.
   During this time period I learned a lot about filmmaking and how I-Movie works. I also learned quite a bit about the process it takes to make a movie/film. I now realize how long it must take to make a movie about 2 hours long compared to the 3 minute one we made.
   Teamwork is a huge part of filmmaking. When we made our movie we had a process that we went through. First we had to plan everything, then we had to write a script for the narrator and questions to ask the people that we were interviewing. Pictures were planned out and taken. Once we got all of those things done it was time for uploading and editing. Editing was probably the longest process of all. We had to find the things we wanted for the video and then put audio ove…

Comics, Cartoons, & Graphic Novels Final Project

In the Comics, Cartoons, & Graphic Novels unit I learned what artists do to make Comics. Artists use lots of different things to make their comics come to life including emanata, speech/thought bubbles, and different textures. Emanata shows characters' reactions and motion. Speech/thought bubbles are really self-explanatory, they tell you what the characters are saying and thinking. In my drawings to the left I showed as many of the the things I learned in this unit as I could.

Reading Contract Self Evaluation

This quarter yes I did meet my goal, I read The Quest Begins (320 pp.), Billy The Kid And The Vampyres of Vegas (67 pp.), The Death of Joan of Arc (12 pp.), The Lost Hero (557 pp.), The Son of Neptune (513 pp.), The Mark of Athena (586 pp.), The Sea of Monsters (288 pp.), The Titans Curse (320 pp.), The Battle of The Labyrinth (368 pp.), The Last Olympian (381 pp.). Ummm... no I didn't read books from every genre just a lot of fantasy because I like it. Yes I did read more this year because it was for a grade unlike last year because we weren't really graded in GOAL for 5th grade. This year I read a bit longer books and I always was reading something. I always read over the summer and I don't really like making plans I just read when I want to. None of my books really surprised me but I really learned a lot about Greek mythology in the Percy Jackson And The Olympians books and the Heroes of Olympus books. I really didn't have a certain favorite book but I liked all …