Independent Project Reflection

    In our most recent unit in GOAL we researched and worked on our independent projects. For my project I researched the deep web. To present my project I used a tool called Prezi which is free and easy to use.
    Researching for this project was fun for me because there is a lot of controversial articles but also a lot of useful sources that are very informative. I had never really known a lot about the deep web before I did this project but I had heard about it before in T.V. shows and news articles.
    The hardest part of this project and for any project I do was presenting all of the information I had learned. I don't really know why I have such a problem with this but I do know that I take in so much information so quickly that I sometimes forget to sort it out and match it with all of the topics in my project.
    After doing this project I realize that I need to manage my time better. Within this improvement I need to make I need to spend more time trying to get a project done and I also need to organize what I learn better.
    If I could do this better I would organize my notes better like I said but I would also make my project a lot longer and include more facts. I really needed more detail in what I was talking about and I would have liked to have more explanations. Doing these improvements I think would make the project more interesting and informative.


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